Our building

Like our beers, our building is full of character. Its rich history as a hotel dates back to 1863. The reason for the choice of name is not known but it may have been named after the steamship Clarence that hauled between Brisbane and Sydney at that time.

In 1889, the Clarence Hotel was replaced by the Clarence Corner Hotel. By that time, the area had developed as a residential and commercial district and the new hotel was built to attract that clientele.

In 2010, the Heritage Listed freehold plot was purchased by husband and wife, Grant and Michelle Clark. A major renovation in 2016 saw many of its original elements retained. The building façade, Flemish brickwork and wrought iron trim were fused with modern lines and materials to create an eclectic yet considered space.

Conveniently located in central Woolloongabba, with onsite parking and excellent public transport nearby, Brewhouse remains an institution and one of Woolloongabba’s most popular destinations.

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Our microbrewery

Our beers are brewed fresh in West End Brisbane – making our beer as local as you can get!

Located on legendary Boundary Street, the Brisbane Beer Co. Brewery also features a hip bar and deli-style restaurant. All of our beers are preservative free and contain only the four key ingredients used in beer: barley, malt, water and hops.

We’re constantly reinventing ourselves in a bid to retain our title as one of Queensland’s most awarded breweries. We have four staples that are on tap all year round: BPA, (Brisbane Pale Ale), Brissy PiIls, Sunset Light Golden Ale, and Walker Texas Ranger. We also brew at least three other beers at a time, that change according to season.

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Our people

Grant & Michelle Clark (Mr & Mrs)

Couples that brew together, stay together. When Grant and Michelle aren’t walking their West Highland Terrier Astro, they’re busy not being hairdressers or builders, but brewers. Rumour has it Michelle thought it would be easier to start a restaurant than cook for the whole family. And Grant, instead of shying away from his one and only vice, he decided to surround himself with beer 24/7! Whatever the truth, these macadamia nuts are allllllright!

Jacob Butler

Head Chef

Born and raised in Toowoomba, this head chef, believe it or not, loves to cook! When he’s not in the kitchen, he’s eating salami pizza and pumpkin ice-cream while trying to figure out what his special talent is. If you have any suggestions, let him know!

Stuart Fair

Venue Manager

When Stu is not listening to his favourite song, Wagon Wheel, he is drinking a big juicy (Tennents Lager) while eating a rack of ribs. And if you can’t understand him and his Glaswegian accent, don’t worry, we can’t either.

Mick White

Duty Manager

Mick’s favourite country is Japan and his perfect day would entail back country snowboarding followed by fantastic food and drink shared with good friends – sounds like Mick should set up a Brisbane Brewing Co. outlet on Mount Fuji.

Kristen Love

Duty Manager

In a controversial decision Kristen (or K-Love’s) desert island drink of choice is champagne. But don’t worry as his typical day starts with a beer, ends with a beer and there’s plenty more beer inbetween! Recently welcoming in the arrival of Baby Love you can usually find K-Love at home sleeping …or at least attempting to!



Our Community Involvement

Brisbane Brewhouse and Brisbane Brewing Co proudly support several not for profit organisations within the community.


Synapse is a Brisbane-based organisation striving to assist members of the community who are affected by a brain injury. Synapse generates both public and government support for the development of highly specialised services in the areas of accommodation, education and training. For more information, please visit their website HERE.


Sun – Thurs | 10am – 12am
Fri & Sat     | 10am – 1am


601 Stanley St,
Brisbane, 4102


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